Seattle Waterfront Evening

I picked up an Olympus OMD E-M10 mkii recently. I had not had much time to try it out. With clouds coming in I decided at the last minute to head to the north end of the Seattle waterfront for a short walk and to check out the sunset. I left home at 6:20 pm and reached the parking lot across from Pier 91 at 6:40 pm. It starts getting dark at about 7:30 pm now. There was a thickening cloud layer to the north and clear sky to the south and west. It made for some nice color as the sun set. As usual there were a number of folks walking, biking, and running on the paved trail. I was not in a great hurry. I was more interested in photos than mileage. I did not bring a tripod. This camera has 8 way image stabilization. The darkening sky would provide a good test.

I brought along two lenses. The kit telephoto that has a 35 mm equivalent of 80-300 mm. Lots of magnification but not great in low light. My other lens was the Olympus 12-40 mm 2.8. Much better in low light and a 35 mm equivalent of 24-80. The clouds darkened the sky overhead but it was much lighter to the south and west. I only went about half a mile before turning around. That mile took over an hour. Lots of stops for photos and not much walking. Exactly as planned. Some good views of downtown. At first the grain terminal was in the way but allowed for some interesting framed shots. Farther along the view of downtown buildings was a bit better.

Getting Started
Colorful Cloud Cover
Space Needle
Low Sun Shining
Container Cranes
Waterfront Trail
Interesting Clouds
Red & Blue Clouds
Downtown Buildings
Framed Downtown
Tug Boat
Waterfront Lights
Lights On The Water
Pier 91 Lights
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