Lake 22

Another blazing hot day. I chose an easy hike after a longer one the day before. It had been quite a few years since I visited Lake 22 after all the snow had melted. I was even later getting out the door than the day before. It was 7:05 am when I left home. I arrived at the Lake 22 trailhead at 8:10 am. Three minutes later I was on the road. There were quite a few cars in the lot though there were many spaces left. It did not feel as warm as the morning before and I set a pretty good pace. I passed several groups in the first half mile then had the trail to myself. One group was already coming down. Since it is only 2.7 miles to the lake I just kept up my pace.

It took 36 minutes to the start of the big rock field. Fourteen minutes later I was up the four switchbacks and into the forest again. It was very hot out in the open. Views across the valley were hazy. no point taking photos. The last part went fast. I arrived at the lake at 9:18, taking 65 minutes. The right side of the lake was in the sun. The left side was still in the shade. I chose to head left. There is no snow on the trail around the lake. What is left of the snowfield at the far end of the lake is melting fast.

There was a pretty good selection of wildflowers in bloom. Almost none before the lake. At the lake I saw columbine, tiger lilies, Valerian, spirea, and more. The lake was smooth as glass. not even the hint of a breeze. I hiked to the far end of the lake where I found pink monkey flower in bloom and also elephant's head. I have not seen much of either the past few years. I headed back the same way as the shade was very pleasant. My stay at the lake lasted until 10:30 am. More than an hour went by very fast. I planned an early return to town this day. The final of the World Cup and some work to get caught up on.

The trip down was slowed by the numerous folks hiking up. It was a good choice for a hot day. I took the short detour over to Twin Falls. Not huge water but enough to make for some nice photos. It was very cool in the shade with a steady breeze blowing down the falls. I could have spent a lot more time there. Soon enough I was on my way down once again. I was back at the trailhead by 11:45 am. I don't often finish a hike on the Mountain Loop Highway before noon. The parking lot was now full and there were about ten more cars parked along the highway. I swear I did not see that many people on the trail or at the lake.

This was a fine short hike. I beat the worst of the afternoon heat. The wildflower show was better than expected. I'd almost forgotten what the lake looks like without snow. For the weekend I managed two hikes for 17 miles with 4300' of gain. With the temperature near 90 degrees that was plenty.

Twenty Two Creek
Lake 22
Snowy Reflection
Outlet Bridge
Ridge & Trees Reflection
Big Waterfall
Snow Patches
Shady Trail
Cow Parsnip
Looking Down Lake
Tiger Lily
End Of Lake
Inlet Creek
Elephant's Head
Light On Dark
Pink Monkey Flower
Some Flower
Nice Colors
On The Boardwalk
Twin Falls
Right Falls
Left Falls
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