Lord Hill

Day 2 the Memorial Day Weekend. On Saturday I did two hikes totaling 16 miles with 3300' of elevation gain. I was up for an easier day on the trail. Kim was free and we decided to head over to Lord Hill. I had hiked there two times. Once was with Kim on 10-052-19. This day our goal was to spend the day taking it easy and hoping for some good spring photo opportunities. In pandemic times we drove separately. I went to Kim's place and she followed me to the north parking lot. We arrived at 7:55 am. There were less than a dozen cars in the lot. We hoped the early start would allow us to minimize the foot traffic. I used Gaia pgs on my phone to pick out a route and navigate all the trails in the park. We headed downhill and turned left heading for Beaver Lake. I went by on my first visit and it was dry. This time we found a little water in it.

We soon began to see groups passing by. A number of two to four person groups. Plenty of time between seeing them but there were a number of folks out and about. At a slow pace we saw things that most folks likely did not. Kim began seeing the slime mold on old logs. A whole lot of slime mold. Much of it was a very bright white. A close up look is fascinating. Lots of shades of green too. New leaves and grasses everywhere. There were still bleeding hearts in bloom though most were past prime. False lily of the valley was everywhere. We saw it blooming all over the park. We looked for the similar shaped wild ginger and only found one patch and some were blooming. There were a few salmnberry in bloom too. There is a lot of moss on the north side of the park.

We wound around and reached Temple Lake. A good place for a short break on the shore. Canada Geese and ducks were out on the water. I had been here before but not around the end of the lake. We crossed the outlet and continued on. Kim noticed a line of mushrooms growing up a mossy tree. Worth a number of photos. There were several good patches of mushrooms on our route. We came around to the south side of the lake for a lunch break. We had a little sunshine here. After that it was time to had over to the Pipeline Trail. The grass was tall and very green on the wide Pipeline Trail. Several groups went by us in each direction on the short steep climb. At the top we took a left turn and headed over to the viewpoint trail. This short path leads up to the viewpoint. We arrived to find nobody there. Time for another break. It was quite sunny and warm now. Lots of clouds but a little sunshine over us. Later, another group came up and we headed over to another view. Still snow on the mountains. There were a lot of very small pink wildflowers on top. As we headed down several more groups were coming up. It was a good time to go.

From here on back there area a network of trails. Many are for bicycles and some are marked for hikers only. We also saw several groups of horses and riders pass us during the day. We opted for the hiker only trails were possible. My gps map did not have the type of trail listed so it was hit or miss finding them. When we were within half a mile of the trailhead the human population picked up. The trail here is wide enough to pass. We climbed up the final slope and reached the end at 2:52 pm. We took just under 7 hours to hike 6 miles with 700' of elevation gain. That included a number of stops to sit and enjoy lakes and views. Lots of time crawling around taking macro photos too. Just the day to be out on the trail after a 16 miles hike the day before. Kim and I had a great time. Lord Hill is a good close in location for an easy day of hiking.

On The Boardwalk
Beaver Lake
Bleeding Hearts
A False Lily Of The Valley
Green Trail
Berry Flower
Very Green
Kim At Work
Wild Ginger
Green With A Brown Line
Unfurling Fern
Slime Mold Close Up
Turkey Tail Fungus
Logging Equipment
More Slime Mold
Temple Lake
Four Shrooms
Small Mushrooms
Mushroom Log
Serrated Edges
Two Big Trees
Green Erratic
Sun Shines Through
Spring Beauty
Pipeline Trail
Tiny Pink Flower
Cascades View
Maidenhair Ferns
Sunlit Ferns
Gnome On The Stump
False Lily Of The Valley
Shelf Fungus
Slime Mold Log
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