Tiger 2-1 Loop

I needed to be home early so I just did a short drive to Tiger Mountain. I was on the trail at 7:14 am. There were only three other cars. I hoped to get up and down before the Saturday morning crowds appeared. It was only 53 degrees as I started out. I headed up the High Point trail. Left on the TMT and then up the mountain. Part way up I was very surprised to see a perfect patch of Indian pipe growing right near the trail. I can't recall seeing it on Tiger Mountain. It is a sapraphyte that grows without Chlorophyll. It is bright white. Not a touch of green in sight. I generally don't bother putting up a trip report for Tiger but I want to have my Indian pipe photos online.

The plan to beat the crowds actually worked. I saw only four people as I hiked up Tiger 2 then down and back up to Tiger 1. It was a little hazy but I had a good look at Mt. Rainier from the Hiker's Hut viewpoint. I only stayed a few minutes then headed on. I took the short spur up to the top of Tiger 1 then walked down the road and out of the forest. The view of Seattle was hazy. There were some clouds on the Cascade front. Mostly, it was clear. Time for a short brunch break. A lone runner came up the road and then turned around and quickly was out of sight. Soon I was on my way down to the trail then over to the Preston Trail. I usually do this loop clockwise but I expected fewer folks doing it in the other direction. I think I was right.

I saw a few more folks on my way down. It was never a crowd. Most had masks. The runners did not. I took 1:45 just to get up Tiger 2. I came a longer distance  down Tiger 1 much faster. I was back at my car at 11:00 am. There were now a dozen or so cars. I saw only 14 people over 8 miles and just under 4 hours. With a coronavirus around I still don't want to do any crowded hikes. This one definitely qualified. A fun morning on the trail and one of the best Indian pipe displays I have ever seen.

Patch Of Indian Pipe
Closer Look
More Indian Pipe
Closest Look
Last Indian Pipe Shot
Another Fungus
Road From T2 To T1
Mt. Rainier
Cascade Peaks
More Towers
More Fungus
Last Fungus
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