NW Seattle Ski Tour

Seattle seldom has enough snow to ski. I have only been able to do it half a dozen times in thirty years. 2019 was one such time. Now two years later it happened again. It started snowing early Friday evening and kept going all night. Unlike most wet near 32 degree snow we get this was cold and dry. I went out Saturday morning and my car had 9 inches on top. The depth in the road was 7 inches. Time to break out my cross county skis. It was 8:45 am by the time I was ready to go. It was still snowing too. I headed out for my usual route when there is enough snow. I headed north. Up and over 80th NW first. Most roads had at least one set of car tracks. Some did not. The 7 inches packed down to just a couple but enough snow to not hit pavement. I skied across 80s though the snow was very thin in tire tracks.

Next up was 85th. It is twice as wide. A little barer but I was still able to ski across. I was early enough to not see many folks in the first mile but folks were now out walking in the snow. The tire tracks in the road were a lot more popular than the deeper snow on the sidewalks. I continued north on 6th Ave all the way to Holman Road. That put me at 1.6 miles. Traffic was minimal enough that I could have skied across all four lanes but that was not part of the plan. I headed back south. At NW 95th St. I turned right and headed west. At 8th Ave I met another skier. She thought she had seen me two years ago out on skis. Since I skied this same area then she was probably right. No cars at all on 8th. I continued west.

95th ended and send me south again. At 90th I turned right and headed up and past the cemetery. At 15th NW I headed south along the sidewalk. The Grocery Outlet was open. A mini excavator was moving snow out of the parking lot. 05th was down to pavement in the tire tracks. I turned left and left again heading north back to 90th. I retraced my tracks heading east. The short descent back to 8th had some gliding. East of 8th I actually had a bit of downhill. I managed to get down that and finish the trip without falling. A good sign for the first ski trip in a year.

I wanted to add a little more mileage so I continued east to 4th and headed north again back up to Holman Road. I was back 1.6 miles from home and ready to head back. The best part was the very few cars I had to move off the road to avoid. Less than any other year I can recall when skiing the neighborhood. Back at 85th the tire tracks were much larger now. I had to gingerly walk across to make sure not to scrape my skis. Still enough snow to get across without taking skis off. By the time I crossed 80th the crowd was starting to build. It was nearing 11:00 am. The snow was letting up not too. I reached my home right at 11:00 am.

I skied for 2 1/4 hours covering 6 miles with 200' of elevation gain. Considering the snow was all fresh and unconsolidated the conditions were pretty good. I saw folks off and on but it was not very crowded until near the end. It may be a decade before we get conditions this good near sea level in Seattle. I was glad to have such a nice day skiing the urban roads.

Lots Of New Snow
Almost 7 Inches
Starting My Ski Trip
Around Traffic Circle
Holman Road
27 South Then West
High Centered Car
Passing Cemetery
Skiing 90th NW
Quiet On 15th
Plowing Lot
Heading East
New Construction
Skiing South
Passing Pocket Park
A Person
Good Gliding
Almost Home
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