The Year In Review

I had another great year on the trail. I spent 87 days on the trail. I traveled 745 miles gaining 218,000'. It was my fifth consecutive year over 200,000'. I went on seven backpacking trips spending 18 nights out. Best of all, I hiked 20 trails for the first time. That is the most new trails in many years. For the second consecutive year I backpacked in the Sawtooth Mountains of Idaho. Floods took out roads into the west side of Glacier Peak but Kim and I made two backpacking trips to little visited areas. Not many years ago I did the vast majority of my trips solo. This website and the Internet in general have changed that. I did only 13 out of 69 trips solo this year. Though I am not a peakbagger I did manage to visit 49 summits. It was a year of good skiing, good snowshoeing, fun snow scrambles, fine wildflowers, lots of backpacking, spectacular mushrooms, and terrific golden larch trees. What more could I ask for? Now on with the month by month review.

The year began with my first trip with Kim. We snowshoed to Olallie Lake . Next was a return to Pratt Mountain . Last winter we were stopped high on the ridge. This year we summited. Gary and I skied the Amabilis Mountain Loop. Great snow and very cold. The month ended with two great snow scrambles. First was Mazama Dome near Mt. Baker. A new trip for me on a beautiful sunny day. Suzanne, Bob, Kolleen (SBK) and Kelly joined me for  Norse Peak near Crystal Mountain. A long ridge walk in the sun.

SBK and I tried for Jim Hill Mountain. Beginning at the Stevens Pass Nordic Center we snowshoed to  Lanham Lake then up the ridge on rock hard snow. The weather was not great and we turned around. Next we headed a little farther east for a shot at Arrowhead Mountain . I had done it from the west side. There was no legal parking so we went up from the northeast. A dozen folks showed up plus dogs. We made it harder than it needed to be but summited. Bad weather led Suzanne and I to Dirty Harry's Peak . Snow on the road in. Wet, cold, and miserable. Soaked, frozen, and wallowing in deep snow, we gave up.

Joined a group for a snowshoe scramble of Mt. Higgins . Lots of snow. Suzanne and I left rain in town for a sunny day snowshoeing up Mt. Margaret . I joined another large group for a snowshoe scramble of the  Red Mountain near Salmon La Sac. Fun route and group. I'll return for this one again.

Gary and I hiked up  Mt. Washington and threw in Cedar Butte to give us an early season 4500' day. Next, I made a second overnight trip to the summit of Iron Peak . Again nobody was available so it was solo. Great day going in and a nice sunset. Sleet in the morning as I headed down. A group of us headed up Mt. Baldy . Crampons required. Suzanne and I then returned to Humpback Mountain . Like our previous trip we had bad snow at the very top. Summited but should not have tried. After failing to summit  Mt. Dickerman the three previous attempts, SBK, Joe, Nikolai and I tried again. We failed again. We went to Lake 22 as a consolation. The month ended with a backpacking trip to Navaho Peak .

The month was mostly composed on close in hikes until Memorial Day. Kim and I went east to the area around Republic. We backpacked in and did a loop over Cougar Mountain . Great wildflowers. Next we drove over Sherman Pass and hiked up  Wapaloosie Mountain in the Kettle Range. Sagebrush near 7000'. A fun time in a new area for me. I ended the year with my first trip up Mailbox Peak in a dozen years.

 New trails was the story of June. Gary and I hiked Tronsen Ridge . More Tweedy's Lewisia than I had every seen. I returned to  Bandera Mountain amid an incredible display of beargrass. For the first time I continued on to the real summit. Next I joined Kim for a trip back to the Blewett Pass area. We hiked a loop around Mt. Lillian . More good wildflowers. The month ended and July began with a 5 day trip to  Horseshoe Basin in the Pasayten. It was a little somber as Suzanne's dog Sadie had just passed away. We hit 8 summits.

Suzanne and I hiked up Mt. Jupiter . The trail was closed for several years due to logging. We saw only one person. Suzanne, her daughters, and I went to Surprise Lake to scatter Sadie's ashes at one of her favorite places. SBK and I hiked up Rock Mountain on a cloudy day. It was the first time I hike up via the Snowy Creek Trail. The month ended with the most unusual trip of the year. Kim and I biked 11 miles of the Suiattle River Road to the end. We hiked up to see the remains of the Milk Creek Bridge the first day. The next day we hiked up  Sulphur Mountain then biked out with overnight packs.

B&K joined my for a return to Bootjack and Highchair Mountains . I had been up both several times but never as a backpack. After four straight failures in the snow on  Mt. Dickerman I was determined to see the summit once again. This time I made it. Mark and Gary joined me for a loop trip of  Red and Thorp Mountains near Salmon La Sac. My second time up Red this year but by a totally different route. Another new route for me. SBK and I went for a rare summer trip in the Teanaway. It was one way over Teanaway, Iron, and Bean Peaks . The end of the month and the start of September brought the most interesting trip of the year. Kim and I did a long loop of  Circle Peak & Meadow Mountain ridge. The Whitechuck road has washed away. We saw nobody for 4 days. Beautiful country and no signs of people.

Kim and I headed north to Park Butte . The last time I was there the Scott Paul Trail had just opened. I had not hiked it so we made it a loop trip. Amazing devastation from the recent years floods. Suzanne and I made an annual hike to  Rainbow Lake and filled containers with ripe huckleberries. Suzanne had business in Sun Valley and I planned a visit to my brother. First we hiked up Proctor Mountain in rain and snow storm. Then we had a great 4 day trip through the Sawtooth Mountains . Saw very few people.

Only one larch hike this year but it was one of the best. At  Ingalls Lake Gary and I had blue sky and fresh snow with peaking golden larch. Many hundreds of photos were taken. South Bessemer Mountain turned into the first snow slog of the year high up. Gary and I went to  Mildred Point near Longmire at Mt. Rainier. My first visit and Gary's first in many years. Suzanne and I made a second trip to  Mt. Margaret this year. Snow on top but no long slog on the road.

Suzanne and I tried out the new Mt. Washington Trail. Kim and I visited the Lime Kiln. I hiked to the  Kendall Katwalk on a cold snowy day. Fun to see the Katwalk with snow on it. Lastly was my first time up on the new West Tiger 3 trail.

I had three excellent hikes this month. First was a slog up to Nordic Pass . Not a lot of snow but it was all soft and unconsolidated. It took the whole day to go about 8 miles. Kim and I went to the ocean just before Christmas. We were right on the beach at Moclips . We also went up to the Quinault rainforest and Ruby Beach. Beautiful places to photograph. Of course, I spent New Years Eve on Tiger Mountain . Suzanne joined me for a one way trip. The snow and rime ice on the top of Tiger 1 was the most beautiful I have ever seen Tiger.

 My Top 10 Trips Of 2007
01. Circle Peak - Meadow Mountain
02. Sawtooth Mt. Traverse, ID
03. Horseshoe Basin
04. Ingalls Lake
05. Cougar. & Wapaloosie Mt.
06. Tronsen Ridge
07. Iron Peak
08. Suiattle River - Sulphur Mountain
09. Navaho Peak
10. Norse Peak

All Trips - 2007